Al Taliaferro
Original Artwork

Sunday page dated 7-9, 1967
showing Scrooge McDuck + Donald Duck
in every panel of this money related gag.

Ink + pencil on 40,5 cm x 58 cm (16" x 22,8 ") drawing board.
Price : auf Anfrage / on request

The art is framed in a classic pure, black wooden 64 cm x 81 cm frame
with plexiglass protection and has a special Passepartout around the artpiece,
showing two nicely colored drawings in the left and right bottom corners.


Between is written "Inspired by the Father of Scrooge McDuck Mr. Carl Barks".

Also, the art is signed by Carl Barks in the right bottom corner

Looking for explanations, because the art in done by Al Taliaferro and not by Barks,
I found out so far, that this presentation form
was done by Disney and the former Carl Barks Studio for a group of different artwork by different artists
to honor Carl Barks, whose character invention Scooge McDuck shows up in this Taliaferro gag.
Originally sold by Walt Disney Art Classics, and it comes with a COA.


This one was signed by Barks in 2000 an sold on the New York Art Expo in March 2000.
Later it was sold by a German art Gallery to a private collector, who sold it to me.
Nevermind - everyone is free to judge this, is stays Taliaferro art with a Barks Bonus ;o) - very nice piece !

The art was published a.o. in Sweden - Kalle Ankas julbok 2002. Storycode: ZD 67-07-09

Please email for more details / questions.