The Completely MAD Don Martin

A deluxe 2-volume, hardcover slip cased collection
of the
complete work of Don Martin
published in MAD from 1956 to 1988
Publication: Running Press, October 2007
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout
2x 500 pages - Size : ca. 34 x 26 cm

Fans of the great MAD artist Don Martin are about to have a lifelong dream come true :

The Completely MAD Don Martin deluxe, two volume set
includes every piece of art Don Martin ever published in MAD.

Volume one covers Martin's work from 1956 through 1974,
while the second volume covers 1974 to 1988.

Interspersed throughout the books are letters, testimonies, sketches and thoughts
from other artists and fans such as Sergio Aragones, Sam Viviano and Al Jaffee.

Auf Anfrage / on request

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