Lank Leonard
Original Artwork

Mickey Finn Daily

Very nice page of Mickey Finn artwork -
dated 8-22-?, fine condition, signed

Titled : the Gang's all here !
with additional small rough pencil drawing on backside

Price : 190 + Versand


Lank Leonard
(Frank E. Leonard)
(2/1/1896 - 1/8/1970, USA)

After his studies, military service and a brief stint as a traveling salesman, Lank Leonard did animation at Bray Productions in 1926.
Afterwards, he did magazine sports art for while.
However, real fame came with the 'Mickey Finn' series, which he launched in 1936.
The series was distributed by McNaught Syndicate and was quite a success in the early years.
Unlike other series about policemen, 'Mickey Finn' was a sympathetic towards the police foot patrolmen in the big city.
Leonard focused on humor and character, in stead of crime and violence.
Lank Leonard went in semi-retirement a year and a half before his death, leaving the comic to his assistant Morris Weiss.