Bud Sagendorf original artwork

Popeye Sunday page 5-6, 1962
Size : ca. 61 x 43 cm, signiert
very fine condition
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Bud Sagendorf
(1915 - 1994, USA)

Forrest "Bud" Sagendorf became an assistant to his father-in-law Elzie Segar after his studies at the Santa Monica High School.
Sagendorf assisted Segar on his series 'Sappo' and 'Popeye', and eventually took over the 'Popeye' strip after its creator's death.
Along with several other artists, Sagendorf illustrated the series for several decades.
Starting in 1945, he worked on numerous 'Popeye' comic books, as well as several merchandising projects.
In 1958, he became the main 'Popeye' artist.
He illustrated the daily strip until 1986 and continued the weekly comic until his death in 1994.

Bud Sagendorf
1958-86 (Dailies) / 1958-94 (Sundays)
Der populärste Nachfolger von Popeye Schöpfer Elzie Segar war Bud Sagendorf, Segars Schwiegersohn,
der ihm bereits ab 1931 bei Lettering und Hintergründen assistiert hatte.
Der Strip selbst war bereits im März 1932 in Thimble Theatre starring Popeye umbenannt worden, hieß aber erst ab den 70ern offiziell Popeye.
Seit 1992 erscheinen nur noch Sonntagsseiten.