Don Martin
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One Page Gag aus  U.S. MAD # 233 (page 21)
September 1982
„Last Week in a Freensville Diner”

ink on board
Format : ca. 37 x 30 cm
signed by Don Martin
very fine condition

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Größe : ca. 53 x 82 cm

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The Completely MAD Don Martin     

A deluxe 2-volume, hardcover slip cased collection
of the complete work of Don Martin
published in MAD from 1956 to 1988
Publication: Running Press, October 2007
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout
2x 500 pages - Size : ca. 34 x 26 cm

Fans of the great MAD artist Don Martin are about to have a lifelong dream come true :

The Completely MAD Don Martin deluxe, two volume set
includes every piece of art Don Martin ever published in MAD.

Volume one covers Martin's work from 1956 through 1974,
while the second volume covers 1974 to 1988.

Interspersed throughout the books are letters, testimonies, sketches and thoughts
from other artists and fans such as Sergio Aragones, Sam Viviano and Al Jaffee.

Price : Auf Anfrage / on request

Don Martin

Born on May 18, 1931 in Patterson, New Jersey, USA.
Martin studied illustration and fine art at Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts between 1949 and 1951
and subsequently graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia in 1952.
In 1953, he worked briefly as a window trimmer and frame maker before providing paste ups
and mechanicals for various offset printing clients and beginning his career as freelance cartoonist and illustrator.
Martin's work first appeared in Mad in the September 1956 issue.

Er besuchte die Newark Art School und die Philadelphia Academy of Arts.
Er lebte dann in New York und begann seine Karriere mit Illustrationen für Plattencover,
Postkarten und das Science Fiction Magazin "Fantasy and Galaxy". 

1955 trittDon Martin  dem Team von Harvey Kurtzman's MAD Magazine bei.
Über 30 Jahre ist Don Martin der beliebteste Cartoonist des Magazins.
Man bezeichnet ihn als " MAD's Madest Artist ".
Martin wird einer der wichtigsten Comic - Satiriker der USA.
Andere humoristische Cartoonisten erwähnen ihn oft als Vorbild.
Legendär sind auch seine "sound effects" Wortschöpfungen.
Don Martins Bücher mit nicht in MAD veröffentlichten Cartoons
erreichten eine Auflage von mehr als 7 Millionen.

Am 6. Januar stirbt Don Martin im Alter
von 68 Jahren im Baptist Hospital in Miami.

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Don Martin was known as “Mad’s Maddest Artist”
during his 30+ years with the magazine.
His wacky sound effects, memorable characters
and signature style made him an icon,
and a key influence on the generations of artists
who followed him.