Pierpaolo Rovero, born 1974 in Turin, lives and works in Turin as an artist, scriptwriter and as a teacher at the university.
Upon completing his science studies in 1993, he attended the Disney Academy in Milan.
He had his first steps in the comics field under the guidance of Giorgio Cavazzano.
Rovero cooperated with the Disney magazine Topolino between 1996 and 2005.
You can find his Disney artworks on the I.N.D.U.C.K.S. homepage index.


"Donald - At His Working Desk"
Signierter, limitierter Druck nach einem Ölgemälde

Format : 50 x 70 cm 

Donald mal etwas anders - träumerisch als Zeichner eines abenteuerliches Comics.
Ein wundervolle Donald Duck Darstellung mit vielen liebevollen Details,
 hochwertig umgesetzt vom italienischen Zeichner Pierpaolo Rovero.

Dieses Bild hat er 2014 als Ölgemälde anlässlich der Geburt seines ersten Sohnes gemalt
und davon 10 hochwertige Künstlerexemplare (Artist Proofs) gedruckt.
Nummeriert und handsigniert.

Preis : auf Anfrage / on request

Pierpaolo Rovero :
"The work has a very special value for me,
because I made it on the occasion of the birth of my first child.

For several years I had left the world of comics to enter the world of art,
but I still had the nostalgia for the drawings made in my youth.

I wanted it to be a wish for my son’s life, also with a tribute to the great Barks.

I mentioned some Barks stories, but also my own story: Donald Duck and the Raven War.
In the composition I also paid homage to Norman Rockwell…"




Mehr Details gern auf Anfrage / more details on request